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Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe While You’re Gone

Among all of the hustle and bustle of vacation preparation, many forget that we’re also leaving our cars when we leave our homes. 


However, criminals take few vacations, particularly since vehicles are easy to target during peak-travel seasons. Unlike your home, your car can physically be stolen. To avoid the smashed window or empty driveway surprise, consider out these three options to keep your vehicle safe while you’re gone.


Factors to Consider When Storing Your Car in San Diego 

Your vehicle’s safety depends on your awareness. First, how long will you be gone? A day trip or weekend getaway (on a non-holiday weekend) may allow you to scrape by leaving the car in the driveway. Still, longer trips or those taken on national holidays may require heightened security. If your vacation is extended, it’s almost always advised to choose car storage in the summer

Another question to ask yourself is, where would you leave your car if you left it at home? 

For most of us, the options are car garage storage, driveway parking, or street parking. However, you should ask yourself what cost you would rather pay: the price of monthly car storage or the price of repairs and replacement? Usually, the cost of car storage in San Diego is the more financially-sound decision. Here are your options for handling your car while on vacation.


1. Leaving Your Car at Home

When deciding what to do with your car on vacation, the first option is the most obvious: leaving it behind! Here’s how to prepare for leaving your car at home.


Preparing For Leaving Your Car at Home 

If choosing to leave your car at home is the plan, extra security measures will surely bring you peace of mind. 

Taking your keys isn’t enough to stop someone from stealing your car, and it certainly won’t stop someone from breaking in. Secure your home by setting lights to timers, putting mail on hold, and adding a home security alarm system and CCTV if possible. As for the car itself, you can add a steering wheel lock and interior GPS tracker. All of these measures will deter criminals.


Benefits of Leaving the Car at Home

There are some benefits to leaving your car at home while you’re gone. The greatest advantage is that you won’t need to retrieve your car from anyone when you arrive home. It can also help keep a watchful eye over your vehicle from the CCTV camera during your trip. Also, leaving your car at home may be the cheapest option — if you don’t perform all of the needed precautions and safety installations, that is.


Disadvantages of Leaving Your Car at Home

The downsides to leaving your car in your driveway or garage often outweigh the positives. For one, your car is essentially unmonitored, resulting in a high level of risk to your vehicle. Moreover, if anything does happen, you’re not there to deal with it directly. Plus, including additional or comprehensive coverage to protect your car in the event of a damaged or stolen vehicle can be very costly.

A criminal breaks into a car left at home while the owners are on vacation.


2. Ask Friends or Family For Help

Leaving your car parked outside of your home without movement, especially for a long time, can make it obvious to anyone casing properties that you aren’t home. This is especially obvious if it’s the vehicle that you drive every day. An alternate option to leaving it behind is to leave it with someone who is home.


Preparing For Car Garage Storage With Friends or Family 

If you’re leaving your vehicle with friends or family, you’ll want to get in touch beforehand about the arrangements. They’ll need to know how long you’ll be gone, if the keys will be left with them, and how you’ll get your car back after you return home. Before your trip, you’ll need to drive the vehicle to their home and drop off the keys should you decide to leave them in your friend or family member’s possession.


Benefits of a Family Member or Friend Monitoring Your Car

The benefits of leaving your car with someone you trust is the peace of mind that it’s not alone. It’s a budget-friendly option that still offers some protection level, as the vehicle is somewhat monitored in the driveway of an acquaintance. Additionally, if your friend or a family member has the keys, they can handle problems that arise and move the vehicle if necessary.


The Drawbacks 

The biggest downfall of leaving your car with a friend or family member is that you can’t mitigate risk completely, and your car is still just as likely to be broken into as any other vehicle parked in a neighborhood. If your friends or family don’t have car storage in their garage, your car will likely be parked in the street, which is where vehicles are most often broken into. Additionally, their neighborhood may not allow for long-term parking. If your car is towed, you’re in for a hefty bill. Your friend meant well, but they didn’t know the city would come along and drag your car away! Lastly, you’ll need to retrieve your vehicle (or have it dropped off) once you return home.


3. Storing Your Vehicle in a Professional Storage Facility

Putting your car in a professional storage facility while you’re on vacation is your best option. Car storage facility owners take security seriously. Even airport or off-airport parking can’t compete with the security a dedicated car storage facility guarantees. 


Preparing For Vehicle Storage in San Diego  

The list of things to do is short when you leave your car at a vehicle storage facility due to the sheer simplicity and convenience of it all! Just contact a local car storage facility (or more than one to compare vehicle storage rates) and set up your car’s storage with someone on their team.


Benefits of Car Storage in San Diego

The advantages of storing your vehicle are plenty. Your car will be extremely safe while in climate-controlled vehicle storage and will be monitored by professionals 24/7. Most storage facilities are more flexible than your friends and family and can offer monthly car storage for long-term protection. Plus, you may not even have to drop it off or pick it up, depending on the storage facility’s pick-up or delivery services. The fee will more than compensate for the peace of mind you achieve with professional car storage.

A CCTV camera monitors cars parking in a professional car storage facility.


Drawbacks of Vehicle Storage in San Diego 

Putting your car in storage is the most expensive option, but that may not be a drawback when considering the benefits. Professional storage does cost a little more than leaving your car to fend for itself in the driveway or a friend’s garage, but the cost is only to protect some of your most valuable assets. Beyond price, there are no downsides to storing it!


Choose Vacation Car Storage in San Diego at The Vault 

Going on vacation sometime soon? Choose The Vault as your long-term vehicle storage or monthly car storage solution in San Diego! At The Vault, we put security first. Our state-of-the-art security system and 24/7 all-vehicle monitoring prove that we’re dedicated to your car’s safety and value. Our San Diego auto storage facility has 40,000 square feet of secure storage for vehicles, meaning we always have room and can accommodate any vehicle. 


While you’re gone, your car will be in good hands, as we offer in-house washing, detailing, battery maintenance, tire pressure checks, car starting, and car exercising services. If you need to stop by in between vacations, you have in-and-out access to your car, and our door-to-door transport services with enclosed trailers are available for your convenience. Don’t leave your car unattended during your next vacation. Store it with the good people of The Vault in San Diego instead!