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What Kind of Security Should a Car Storage Facility Offer?

When you place your car in a storage facility, you’re entrusting your significant investment will be safe. However, theft and burglary are more common than we like to believe. When it’s time to evaluate a car storage facility, you’ll want to choose one that puts security first, so you can rest assured your vehicle is out of harm’s way. Here are some of the security features you may want to prioritize on your storage facility hunt.


Enclosed and Secure Transportation 

Security starts the second you select your auto storage services, and that includes any door-to-door transport services. If your vehicle is being picked up, you should expect it to be safe and sound during its ride. At the Vault, our transportation experts use an enclosed trailer for secure indoor car storage during door-to-door transport, in order to keep your car safe and protected. When compared to other facilities that transport cars on racks, you can see how our transportation protects your valuable vehicle from the elements and more.


Garage Keepers Insurance

Most storage facilities have some form of insurance that protects the vehicles inside a storage unit should something happen, which goes alongside the protection available by insuring your car in storage yourself as well. You’ll want to choose a car storage facility that offers protection plans, and possibly even optional additional coverage on top of that for purchase.


Secure Vehicle Storage Personal Access 

There will likely be times where you want to take your vehicle out for a spin; that’s why you have it! This secure vehicle storage access should be simple, even if the car is in a storage facility. Look at a storage facility’s secure personal access. Are you able to access your car with ease? Is it safely hidden away from other customers also storing their vehicles there? At The Vault, we’re proud to offer accessible, in and out privileges for your car, with no additional fees. Pre-notification times vary; please call us to learn more about your different options.

Vintage car is wrapped and placed in a secure car storage facility for winter.

Secure Indoor Car Storage Security Aspects 

Most of all, the storage facility you go with should have a number of cutting-edge security measures on-site that discourage and prevent theft, burglary, and other crimes.


Gated Access

The first line of defense at a secure car storage facility is a gate with gated access. More and more storage facilities are using unique passcodes to track who is entering the facility, as opposed to one passcode supplied to all. These passcodes should open gates to large, high fences — ideally with wire along the top to discourage climbing. Extremely secure buildings will have infrared perimeter beams, sirens, and strobe lights, the latter two of which are triggered by unlawful entry. Additionally, a break-in should automatically send alerts to the police, security company, and the owner of the facility.



Lighting is vital for two reasons. It allows for access to a storage unit even when it’s dark. More importantly, lighting is a security measure for secure indoor car storage. It deters thieves from casing or breaking into a property because it’s easier to see them. Proper lighting also allows for clearer videos to be taken from nighttime security monitoring cameras.


On-Site Monitoring

Many secure car storage facilities have on-site managers during all hours of the day over three shifts. These staff members watch many camera feeds continuously. In some more extreme cases or at large facilities, there may even be an on-site manager who lives within the property lines for quick responses to any danger. 


Alarm-Guarded Units

Similar to the facility gate, units with alarms are a phenomenal security feature for secure vehicle storage. They prevent anyone from breaking into the unit and often alert all of the same parties listed above for break-ins on the property. 


Car in a storage facility with video surveillance.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can play three major roles in secure car storage facility security. 

First, simply seeing surveillance cameras can deter criminals. Second, it allows for constant monitoring from a CCTV, for active monitoring in a security center on the facility grounds. This live surveillance may be watched by a hired security guard or the on-site manager. Lastly, video surveillance has digital-video recording abilities for looking over footage after whatever has gone wrong, providing evidence should someone successfully break in. Some facilities are implementing video surveillance for individual vehicles as well, giving customers the option to check on their vehicle any time over the web.


Why Storage Security Is Vital

You may wonder whether the amount of staff and security features makes car storage expensive. Because they protect both you and the company financially, insurance rates are far lower when robust measures are taken. Even if more secure storage increases your rental rate, it’s a worthy investment. Whatever you pay for security is certainly less than the price of a new vehicle.


Car Storage in San Diego For Your Vehicle at The Vault 

If you’re looking for secure car storage in San Diego, look no further than The Vault. At The Vault, we offer security measures that you can feel confident in. With only three access points —all reinforced with extra security — across our 40,000-foot facility, it’s almost impossible for thieves and wrongdoers to get through. 

The leading San Diego security company we work with monitors our building via sensors, motion detectors, and video camera. Whether stored for months or retrieved for in-and-out access, your car will be safe, secure, and contained at the Vault. 

This unprecedented level of security is unmatched by any other car storage in San Diego. We attribute our years- and even decades-long client loyalty to it in part. 

Contact us today to see our vehicle storage costs and how we can provide top-security storage for you and your vehicle!