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What Is Included in an Auto Storage Facility?

There are plenty of good reasons to store your exotic, classic, or even classically-exotic car in a professionally managed auto storage facility. But it’s no secret that choosing this option will cost you more than it might to leave your car parked on the street. If you’re left wondering what’s typically included with the monthly fees and what you can expect, you’re not alone. 

Keep reading and we’ll dive into all of that and more!



First up, perhaps the most important thing you’ll get from a professional auto storage facility is safety and security. If you’ve chosen the right facility, you shouldn’t ever be concerned about your car being stolen or damaged. For most owners, this is the biggest thing to look for in an auto storage facility.

At The Vault, for example, we offer state-of-the-art security measures you’ll feel confident in. Our 40,000 square-foot facility has only three access points, all reinforced for extra security. Plus, we work with a leading San Diego security company to monitor the building with sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras. Your car will be safe, secure, and contained at the Vault. 


Sales Help

For some owners, your exotic or luxury car will be your “baby” for years to come. Others take on a more fluid approach, selling and purchasing cars as a hobby. No matter which side you lean toward (or if you’re in the middle of the two), your storage facility will be able to help. 

Most facilities offer help with auto consignment, making your transactions easier, smoother, and much faster. Instead of dealing with shady online sites, managing advertising activities, and coordinating shipping costs on your own, you can work with professionals during every step of the process. 

At The Vault in particular, we offer a re-sale division called Veloce Motorsales. We’ve worked with many storage clients over the years. It’s a no-hassle, no-stress way to sell your car quickly, for only a small percentage of the sales price


In & Out Services

Want to take your car out for a spin? Doing so should be easy, even when it’s in a storage facility. After all, there’s nothing better than a summertime drive up the 101 to clear your mind and relax. 

Before storing your car, make sure to find out your facility’s rules, as some have stricter policies than others. At The Vault, we’re proud to offer accessible in and out privileges for your car, with no additional fees. Pre-notification times vary; please call us to learn more about your different options.


In-House Detailing & Maintenance

Caring for your car is, of course, important. If you’ve chosen the right car storage facility, they’ll make life a little easier on you! 

While a climate-controlled facility will start you out on the right foot, one of the biggest benefits of luxury car storage is taking advantage of in-house detailing and regular maintenance for your car. 

At the Vault, our professional detailers help your car maintain its beauty via regular detailing. Interior detailing can include vacuuming, steam-cleaning, dusting, shampooing the seats and carpets, and conditioning any leather inside the vehicle. 

Exterior detailing may include washing, waxing, resurfacing the car’s finish, and wiping down tires and trim. We also offer custom vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings. 

Finally, routine services provided also include checking tires and reinflating them as needed, adding oils and fluids, and battery maintenance (recharging or disconnecting, if needed).

Door-to-Door Transport

Once you’ve selected your auto storage facility, how do you get your car there? And how do you get it back to your home when you want it out of storage? While some local owners simply drive it themselves, another option is door-to-door transport. This delivery can be especially handy if you’re moving to a new area and don’t want to put a ton of mileage on your car or just want that added convenience. You can select the time and place for your pickup and delivery, all without worrying about what might happen to your car during the transfer. 

At the Vault, we use an enclosed trailer for our door-to-door transport, keeping your car secure and protected; compare this to other facilities that transport cars on racks, exposing your beautiful car to the elements.


Fun Events

Keeping your car safe and secure in storage is essential, and one of the main reasons people choose to store in the first place. But why not have a little fun while you’re at it?

At The Vault, you can connect with fellow car enthusiasts and show off your exotic, luxury, or classic car to our tight-knit and welcoming community. We host regular members-only events, plus you’ll have the opportunity to rent out our creative event space for business meetings, dinners, and your private events. 


Storing Your Car at The Vault

As you can see, there are tons of perks to storing your car with a luxury auto storage facility like The Vault. Ready to learn more and get pricing information? Fill out our online form and one of our luxury car storage professionals will be in touch.