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How Much Does Car Storage Cost in San Diego?

If you’re thinking about placing your car in long-term storage, you’re probably wondering about the pricing. How much does car storage cost, and what are the factors that might go into the rates you receive? Keep reading as we explore how storage rates can vary, what to look for in a car storage facility, and more.


Option 1: Unpaved Lot ($140+ per month)

Let’s be honest: no serious car aficionado would ever consider putting their baby out in an empty lot with no protection. However, if cost savings is your primary concern and you don’t mind storing your vehicle under the hot SoCal sun for months or longer, you do have options. According to, a single space in a dirt lot can cost you as little as $140 per month.

The drawbacks here are numerous, and we’ll review them below.


Risk of Theft or Vandalism

Of course, leaving your car out in the open will leave you susceptible to vandalism and theft. Depending on the area that you’re in, this can be even riskier than leaving your car in your driveway, since these lots tend to be dark and often unattended most of the time.


UV Radiation Damage 

Even if you’re in a safe lot, if your space is uncovered, you may be doing more damage to your car than you think. UV rays can affect your car in many ways, leading to peeling paint, discolored headlights, and fading upholstery. Yikes!


Higher Insurance Rates

Your insurance company may also charge you higher rates to insure a vehicle that is not properly stored. We recommend talking to your insurance company to find out how they might change your rates, and make sure you’re factoring this into your cost comparison.


Option 2: Storage Unit or Facility ($200 to $300+ per month)

A storage unit is a much better option than an open lot, and some even offer pricing that isn’t much more expensive than the latter. However, there are some important considerations you’ll need to know if you want to go this route.


Is the Facility Covered? Is it Secure? 

As you move up to higher rates, like at a dedicated storage facility, you’ll want to ask about the security measures that are in place. Some facilities may also offer some covered spots and some that are uncovered; ideally, opt for the covered spot to keep your car protected from the elements.

Also, keep in mind that at a self-storage unit, you’ll be responsible for locking up the unit when you leave. Make sure you understand everything that’s at stake, and who is responsible for what.


Is the Facility Climate-Controlled?  

Another thing you’ll want to consider is if the facility is climate-controlled. Lower-tier facilities may not have this feature. And if you have an expensive classic car, this could pose a problem! Ideally, you’ll want to find a facility that has an even temperature and humidity.

Professional Car Storage ($700+ per month) 

For the absolute best in long-term car storage options, look no further than a luxury or professional facility. While you’ll spend more than you would if you store your car in your driveway or in a dirt lot, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Car storage facilities like these charge top dollar because their services and perks are far superior.

For example, here at the Vault, our downtown San Diego location offers all of these benefits: 

  • In-house detail services, from basic washes to full show-quality detailing
  • Door to door transport service in the Vault enclosed trailer
  • Regular tire pressure checks and battery maintenance
  • State of the art security system
  • In and out access to your car
  • Extra “Garage Keepers” insurance policy


Plus, our Miramar location doubles as a 30,000 square foot event venue, allowing you to host dinners, board meetings, receptions, and other special events among our exotic and classic cars. With its beautiful setup, large patio, and full kitchen, the Vault offers an opportunity to create an amazing experience for your guests of clients—all while your luxury or classic car gets the best treatment in storage. It’s all just one of the many reasons to use luxury car storage.


Learn more about the Vault

Ready to invest in top-quality long-term car storage? Trust us, the cost will be worth it! Contact us today for more information about our luxury car storage options in San Diego, and one of our team members will be in touch.