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The Benefits of Keeping Your Car in Storage Versus at Home

At one point or another, many families find that they have a car no longer being driven that sits in their driveway or elsewhere on their property. 

There are many reasons why a car may not be driven much any more. A family member’s schedule may have changed, a housemate may have moved out, or a new vehicle may have been purchased; all of these are great examples of why a car may go unused.

However, keeping an unused car on your property is neither ideal nor convenient.
A parked vehicle usually takes up space in the driveway or garage. Because they aren’t moved often, they’re at risk for being cased, broken into, and even stolen.

 Instead of keeping an unused vehicle on your property, why not consider a long-term car storage facility? Car storage facilities are large buildings that house vehicles briefly or provide long-term storage for a car. They are monitored, often climate controlled, and have secure indoor car storage, offering the ideal environment for preserving your vehicle’s value. Learn more about the advantages of storing your car versus keeping it at home with the indoor vehicle storage experts of San Diego: The Vault!


Indoor Car Storage Has Climate Control 

One thing you should know about indoor car storage facilities is that they offer climate controlled temperatures. This is a benefit that your driveway or garage can’t match.

Reputable storage facilities offer an indoor environment with modulated temperature and humidity. Everything from major storms to sweltering heat can impact your vehicle’s longevity. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your vehicle is protected from the elements, so you never have to worry about the temperature outside or any bad weather. 

A climate-controlled environment keeps the car’s metal and various components at temperatures proven to preserve their lifespan. Some homeowners mitigate potential damages caused by nature by keeping unused vehicles in their garage, but the climate isn’t controlled even then. 

Convenience with your stored vehicle isn’t an issue either. Your nearby vehicle storage facility has in-and-out access to make it easy to hop in your vehicle and head up to Julian, Laguna Beach, Big Bear, and more! 

A long-term car storage facility performing routine maintenance on a vehicle.


Reliable Long-Term Car Storage Offers On-Going Maintenance, Too. 

It’s happened to the best of us; we keep a car at home with a promise to ourselves to give it the necessary TLC and then fall behind on proper on-going maintenance. 

With your vehicle safe and sound in a car storage facility, you never have to worry about whether your car will function properly again! When you store your car with car storage facility services and maintenance, a trained professional will be in charge of making sure that your car is always in good shape. 

For instance, our team at The Vault performs battery maintenance, car starting, car exercising, and tire pressure checks. These services ensure your car  — your valuable investment  — maintains its worth.  It’s a small price to pay for having a car that rises in price and extends the life of your vehicle for a max return on investment.


Indoor Car Storage’s Protection Beats Your Home Garage or Driveway

Simply put, your home can’t offer the protection a reputable car storage facility can.

First, detrimental weather that results in any form of natural disaster puts your investment at risk. Excessive heat causes drying and cracking of engine hoses and seals, while morning dew and frost take their toll over the years. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice all speed up rusting, and even the smallest of bad storms can knock a neighboring tree branch into your car.

Secure indoor car storage has sealed, climate-controlled facilities with structural protection and additional precautions taken compared to your driveway. An indoor, temperature-monitored facility protects your car from the sun, rain, and everything in between.

Besides protection from bad weather, indoor car storage facilities have better security, protecting your car from break-ins, burglary, and auto theft. Plus, the facility has additional garage keeper’s insurance for your car in storage if anything were ever to happen.



Long-Term Car Storage Saves You Space and Time 

Having your car on your property when it’s not being used can be a drain to your space and time. With your car in long-term car storage and out of your hands, you’ll get to enjoy far more free time without worrying about its safety or care. Once stored, the car is off your driveway, out of your garage, freeing up property space.

With your car stored away from home, you’ll be able to park one of your daily vehicles back inside your garage or have more space in the driveway for recreational toys. Additionally, you’ll no longer have to spend time on the weekends taking care of the vehicle’s maintenance, freeing up your days off.


How Long-Term Car Storage Affects You

Moving your car into storage can improve your lifestyle. We often don’t realize the physical, mental and time tolls a spare vehicle can take on us. Here are some ways car storage will impact you.


Your Insurance Rate 

An undriven car at home still requires comprehensive insurance coverage. Investing in this type of insurance can be very expensive because it covers many items, including “acts of God.” Conversely, a car stored in a storage facility may not need many insurance forms and falls under the facility’s garage keepers insurance.


The Safety of Your Car 

Your car is far safer stored than left at home, undriven, and parked on your property. A sitting vehicle is one asking to be broken into or, worse, stolen. Car storage ensures peace of mind.


Everything Indoor Vehicle Storage Guarantees 

Life happens, and you cannot always commit to guaranteeing your unused vehicle’s safety or care. When you choose to store your car, an employee is always assigned to caring for and maintaining your vehicle through regular servicing.


Choose Ideal Car Storage in San Diego with The Vault 

If you have an undriven vehicle that needs a new place to stay, visit The Vault for top-tier long-term car storage in San Diego. The Vault offers the best storage in the area, and we’ve taken every precaution to keep your car safe and maintained. Our 24/7 monitoring, on-going servicing, door-to-door transport services, and in-and-out vehicular access are just a few of the reasons, so many of our customers trust us with their cars. Contact us today to see how we can provide the best indoor vehicle storage in San Diego!