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3 Benefits of Auto Storage in the Summer

Ah, summertime. Here in Southern California, we’ve got near-perfect weather all year long. Still, the summer season is especially beautiful: not too hot or too humid, with plenty of miles-long beaches to explore during the day and beautiful vistas to park and watch the sun go down in the evenings. 

But there’s one thing the sun doesn’t mix well with: your classic, luxury, or exotic car. In this article, we’ll share what to watch out for and why storing your car in between drives might be the best option.


The Dangers of the Sun

The sun shining down on our skin feels great… but on our car? Not so much. Strong UV rays can affect your car over time, from fading interior leathers to paint peeling, oxidation, and fading on the exterior. While sun shades and other car covers can help protect your car’s interior, the exterior is still in harm’s way. 

Mold and mildew can also become a problem, thanks to humidity and lack of airflow inside the vehicle as the sun beats down. Mildew can destroy your upholstery (and smell a little funky), drastically bringing down your resale value.

Below, learn about a few ways to combat the damage from the hot sun. 


Keep It Dry

The mold and mildew we just mentioned are primarily caused by excess moisture in and around your car, which provides the perfect breeding ground for spores to grow.  It’s a common problem, but it’s also easy to avoid by keeping everything as dry as possible. Ideally, this means storing your car in a garage and/or keeping it covered with a waterproof car cover whenever it’s not in use. 


Keep It Closed

Next up: protect your car by rolling up all of your windows and closing all of the doors when you’re not using it! This helps with moisture as well, but will also ensure dust, dirt, and other debris stay out.


Keep It Clean

Another thing that can contribute to mold and overall dirtiness is treating your car like a cafeteria. Ideally, you should avoid eating or drinking in your car; it’s all too easy to spill things, which also become breeding ground for mold. Even if you think you’re a clean eater, it’s best to avoid the temptation in the first place.


Keep It Protected

Take advantage of cleaning products designed to destroy mold growth! Regularly wiping down your car’s interior with antimicrobial products will definitely help, as will using protective seat covers and floor mats to keep everything clean and protected. 

Be careful though: after cleaning and wiping down all of the surfaces, make sure everything is dry. A little leftover moisture is all mold and mildew need to start growing. 



The Better Option: Store Your Car

Even with all of the precautions and tips we’ve shared above, there really is no substitute for storing your vehicle in a professionally managed storage facility. In addition to protecting your car from the sun, luxury auto storage provides even more benefits to keep in mind.


1. Protection from Theft & Damage

Did you know that the summer months see the biggest incidents of car theft? It’s such a big problem that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration declared July as National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month to educate car owners on how to reduce theft.

Many of these thefts are due to driver error, such as not closing and locking doors and windows, parking in sketchy areas, or leaving valuables in plain sight.

To really reduce the chances of getting your car stolen (or damaged in any way) is to store it safely in a professional facility. If you’re worried about accessing your car, don’t be. At The Vault, we offer easy in and out privileges.


2. Ongoing Maintenance Assistance

It can be easy to forget all of the routine care and maintenance tasks you need to do each month. The summertime, especially, can wreak havoc on your tires, as the heat makes the air inside your tires expand and over-inflate. Your engine oil will also thin out slightly due to the excess heat.

The solution? Store your car and take advantage of auto storage services like routine maintenance from our friendly professionals.


3. Climate Control

If you haven’t gathered by now, the summer heat can be rough on your car! On a 70 degree day, the interior temperature can get to a whopping 104 degrees in just half an hour. This temperature can climb even higher on hotter days, especially if you’re parking in direct sunlight. Yikes! 

At a storage facility like The Vault, on the other hand, your car stays at just the right temperature with our climate-controlled rooms. If you’ve done your research, you probably already know that this is one of the biggest differences between luxury car storage and traditional car storage.

Climate-controlled storage will protect your classic or luxury car from humidity and extreme temperature changes that can damage the car, both inside and out. 


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