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Full Garage? Here’s Everything a Car Collector Should Consider Before Selling

At some point, every car owner faces a big decision: is freeing up some space in a car collection worth selling a vehicle? Luckily, you may not have to choose. While you can sell your car to make more room in a full garage, you can also choose to store it in a professional auto storage facility — called car collection storage. This option ensures top-notch security of your vehicle without the need to store it yourself. Moreover, facilities usually offer weekend access, so you can take your car out for fun on your days off! Learn more about potentially storing or selling your vehicle, fun auto storage facility perks, and what you need to consider before making a decision.


Luxury Car Storage & Classic Car Storage 

People choose to store their vehicles for any number of reasons, including but not limited to seasonal storage, military deployment, or to simply make more room at home.


Why Put Your Vehicle in Storage

The biggest reason to put your car in luxury vehicle storage is to protect its longevity and keep it in the best condition possible. After all, it is an investment! No matter how lavish or modest your home situation may be, finding parking space with adequate protection for a luxury or classic vehicle can quickly become troublesome — and any luxury or classic car owner will tell you protection is paramount. Putting your vehicle in storage, especially seasonally or for “hibernation,” is a popular option. It helps prevent corrosion, frees up some space, and preserves the value of your car.


Choosing The Vault

Picking the perfect facility to store your car requires careful attention. You want to know what conditions it will be kept in. Your car storage facility services need to cover protection from drastic temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and excessive moisture through climate-controlled storage for luxury cars. Additionally, you’ll need a place that has iron-clad security. Luckily, The Vault offers all of these things as part of our luxury car storage in San Diego!


Steps to Selling a Luxury Vehicle

Set on selling your car instead of storing? We totally understand. Selling a vehicle opens up space in your garage and gives you the chance to start an exciting new chapter in your car owning experience. Here are the basic steps you’ll need to follow to prepare your vehicle for sale.


Have Your Car Inspected

Before selling any vehicle, you’ll need to have the car cleaned and inspected. A mechanic can help you find out if anything needs repairs or cosmetic fixes, and allow you to figure out which ones you’ll handle prior to selling the car. Some fixes are necessary, while others can be handled by the next owner without reducing the value of your vehicle by too much. 

man inspecting car and taking notes, evaluating its worth

Keep in mind that the more turn-key your classic or luxury vehicle is, the more you can sell it for and the faster it will sell. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the title can be transferred and that the VIN number matches the vehicle.


Determine an Asking Price

Once you have a perfect understanding of your car’s condition, you’ll be able to determine an asking price. When determining this price, be honest about the state of your vehicle, possibly even taking a look at the market value of your collector or luxury vehicle. Get ideas of what other secondhand models are going for through publications like Exotic Car Trader, or for class cars and the classic car section of AutoTrader. You can even contact a car club for their insight. The leaders in those organizations love to share their knowledge. 


List Your Vehicle

The last step you’ll take in selling your vehicle is listing it. Don’t be shy in listing your vehicle on multiple secondhand car websites. Some allow you to list for free, while others have a small cost associated. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to front those costs. For your listing, post quality pictures of both the interior and exterior. Then, wait for someone to reach out! 

Of course, this isn’t quite the last step, and from here you’ll need to find a way to secure legitimate payment from a buyer, transfer the title, and handle the legal side of things. Everything considered though, your car is essentially sold! The listing process can be tedious, and you not many enjoy it. If you’re not willing to list it yourself, contact us and we can list and sell it for you through Veloce Motorsales.


Veloce Motorsales

Listing your vehicle can be a hassle, but The Vault has simplified the car sales process through our Veloce Motorsales division. Veloce Motorsales is the sales division of The Vault, and can sell your car should you decide to sell it while it’s in storage. At Veloce, we help customers find ideal vehicles that meet both their needs and budget, offering financing through secure loans. We carry pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and of course, luxury and classic vehicles. 

Our most popular makes currently include Ferraris, Porsches, and Mercedes-Benz, but we’ve sold nearly every model you can imagine. If the car collector in you is actually looking to buy, you can contact us via phone or by visiting our San Diego car storage! Since many of these vehicles have been stored long term at The Vault, you know they are in excellent condition. 


The Vault: Classic Car Storage in San Diego 

If you’ve decided to store your car while mulling over your options, know that The Vault meets and exceeds cleanliness and security standards, especially for classic car storage in San Diego. Our storage facility has options for all types of cars, including exotic, classic, everyday-driver, and military storage. We’ve made it possible to store your car for years, or to store it only during the weekdays with weekend access. 

As car people ourselves, we understand the needs of your vehicles when they’re in storage, which is why we haven’t spared a single expense to ensure the best care of your vehicle. Our facility also boasts a state-of-the-art security system with 24/7 monitoring. For your exotic car storagein San Diego, there’s no better place than The Vault. Contact us today to learn about San Diego car storage costs and choose between our two facilities: one in Downtown San Diego and one in Miramar!