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5 Must-Have Services of a Car Storage Facility

You have a refined taste in all things, including vehicles. Whether it be a customized Maserati or a vintage Benz, you prefer to travel in style. While you may be cruising in the car of your dreams, there are circumstances in which you need to store your prized automobile. If you are considering a car storage facility for any number of reasons including protection from the elements or safeguarding your vehicle while you are away there are a few must-have services that one should look for when deciding on the ideal storage facility. Here are five of the top services The Vault provides for its clients in San Diego County.


Detailing/Cleaning Services

Detailing and cleaning services are a must when you are searching for the ideal car storage facility. Maintaining your vehicle is of utmost importance to its longevity and condition. Here at The Vault, our professional detailers will ensure excellent care is given to your automobile. In addition to washing your car with only the best products, we offer clear bras, custom vinyl wraps, and ceramic coatings through our partnership with the #1 paint protection company Modern Image. All of the procedures can be done in-house at The Vault.


Convenient Access

Of course, you want your vehicle cared for, but there are occasions when you may wish to take it out for a drive. It is not uncommon that you have to jump through hoops to gain access to your vehicle while it is located at a car storage facility. However, The Vault offers three convenient access points and in & out access services to your vehicle.


Garage Keepers Insurance

While it is necessary the owner of any automobile stored away at a car storage facility to keep the comprehensive auto insurance, The Vault provides a Garage Keepers policy that covers clients’ cars in the event of an operational incident. Our preferred insurance brokers are available to discuss your insurance needs for long-term storage. Because your car is an investment, we want to make certain we furnish you with services crucial to its care.


State of the Art Security

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle, the security at a car storage facility is vital. There is no reason you should be concerned about your car being stolen while in storage. The state-of-the-art security measures at The Vault are unsurpassed. Once your vehicle is placed in our facility, it is under lockdown. In addition to fortifying our three access points, The Vault employs a San Diego security company to monitor the building 24/7. With sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras your car is defended from any potential threats.


Member Events

Although protecting your vehicle is of the utmost importance, the opportunity to celebrate your exotic or collectible car with fellow enthusiasts at a professional auto storage facility is one service you never knew you needed, but will find indispensable. Offering our space to you for business meetings, dinners, sporting events is a service that makes us and our clients stand out above others. We believe as a member at The Vault you deserve exclusive membership benefits such as using the property for your events. In addition to these five must-have services, The Vault offers month-to-month agreements so no need to worry about long term contracts.