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Where to Store Your Motorcycle in San Diego

Whether gearing up for motorcycle winter storage or simply lacking the time to hit the open road, riders often hang up their helmets for a bit and store their motorcycle in the winter. Despite year-round blue skies in San Diego, many motorcyclists take a break from December through our typically rainy February, leaving the open roads empty until March or April. 

Finding the perfect storage facility when you need one is a must. Wondering where to store your motorcycle in San Diego, and if there are any auto storage facility benefits? These tips help San Diego riders find the right motorcycle storage until dry roads are once again a reliable fact. 


Auto Storage Facilities’ Accommodations for Motorcycle Storage 

Before beginning the process of deciding where to store your motorcycle in San Diego, it’s important to first understand what role an auto storage facility plays and what features they should provide to motorcycle owners. Many owners looking for indoor motorcycle storage will find that some vehicle storage facilities do not offer the same care for motorcycles that they do their classic or luxury clients. Auto facilities that cater as carefully to your motorcycle as they do their Ferraris and Porsches can be hard to find.


Safety & Protection

Unfortunately, due to their size, motorcycles are especially prone to theft. Motorcycle owners must choose a professional storage facility that prioritizes safety and security. With the right security measures, owners never feel concerned for the well-being of their bikes. While most self-storage units and storage facilities to have some security measures in place, those with a special appreciation for motorcycle storage goes the extra mile.

For example, The Vault’s 13,000 square feet of car storage has only three access points, all of which have been reinforced with additional security measures. Moreover, we work alongside a leading San Diego security company for building monitoring. This company has installed the sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras that send thieves to the next storage facility. Breaking into our fortress just isn’t worth it for any burglar looking to control risk. 

Some storage facilities, The Vault included, will also offer specialized insurance to accompany your comprehensive auto insurance. We also have a Garage Keepers policy for auto and motorcycle garage storage. This policy covers any damages incurred to your vehicle when stored. If you’re not sure about the coverage you need, talking to the facility and getting their professional opinion about protecting your motorcycle reveals their dedication to your property. 

custom motorcycle in a motorcycle storage facility

Long-Term Care for Motorcycles

If you’ll be gone and leaving your motorcycle in the care of an auto storage facility for a while, you must examine their long-term care policy closely. The right motorbike storage facilities will make life a little easier for you by providing vehicle storage facility services, such as regular maintenance for your car or motorcycle to prevent its deterioration.

We all know that a machine designed for use must be used regularly so that its parts remain in optimal condition. Any vehicle left to sit for months will simply deteriorate. 

The professional detailers at the Vault help maintain vehicles via regular detailing and testing. Interior detailing can include vacuuming, steam-cleaning, dusting, shampooing the seats and carpets, and conditioning any leather inside the vehicle. Exterior detailing includes washing, waxing, resurfacing the car’s finish, and wiping down tires and trim. Then, too, we check tires, add oils and fluids, and keep the battery charged. We also offer custom vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings. 

While many auto storage facilities are more than capable of handling the intricacies of caring for a car, not all of them are quite as well-versed in motorcycles as The Vault. Check with a facility to see if they have motorcycle experience and what their long-term care looks like before putting your vehicle in long-term storage. We pride ourselves in having owners return to motorcycles in tip-top condition, ready to go.


Climate-Controlled Environment 

Motorcycles can be even more sensitive to temperature than cars, due in part to their relatively exposed mechanics. 

Climate-controlled storage facilities monitor and control temperature to avoid extremes in either hot or cold. More advanced features will even ensure that the humidity and similar environmental controls for indoor motorcycle storage. Ideally, your automotive storage facility should keep vehicles between 55–85 degrees Fahrenheit in order to preserve the paint, metal, and other motorcycle parts.


Door-to-Door Transportation

Dropping off your vehicle and finding a ride home with the vehicle then in storage can be a hassle. Reliable storage facilities make the process simpler by moving the vehicle for you. If using door-to-door transportation, be sure to choose an auto facility that uses secure and protective equipment during the trip. At The Vault, we use an enclosed trailer for door-to-door transport — not one of the transport trucks with cars on racks — in order to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Motorcycles covered and lined up in a secure indoor motorcycle storage facility.

Reasons to Put Your Motorcycle in Long-Term Storage

Wondering why someone may need long-term storage for a motorcycle? The possibilities are truly endless. Dome seeking motorcycle storage are leaving the area or country for an extended period of time. Often, this is for a long-term travel adventure or deployment. Motorcycle owners will also often choose motorcycle winter storage, called “winterization.” Taking protective steps gets the bike safely through off-season cold weather when they’ll be as sedentary as a Michigan remote worker. 

Some riders have classic or luxury models that may need extra care and storage measures to keep them in tip-top shape. Most of us don’t have climate-controlled garages! Because antiques and luxury motorcycles are often investments, it’s helpful to put them away somewhere safe and warm, especially if you plan on selling it in the future. 

Similarly, motorcyclists will go through periods where riding the open road just isn’t something they do as frequently. A storage facility gives the bike a proper environment and helps clear up extra space in your garage.


San Diego Motorcycle Storage Options 

San Diego offers many options for motorcycle garage storage. Here, we’ll look over a few categories of storage. One option for motorcycle storage is simple self-storage facilities. You’ll find ones like A-1 Self Storage, Pacific Highway Storage, and National/54 Self Storage. 

As for auto storage units, you can choose to store your motorcycle with AAAA Auto Storage & park, MCRD Vehicle Storage, or Speed Shop Car Garage, among others. There are also some motorbike storage-specific units. These include Prestige Motorcycle, National City Motorcycle, Motorcycle Man Transport & Storage, and Motozone. Lastly, there’s our favorite form of storage: The Vault!  We’re the only storage unit with two locations, one in Miramar and one in Downtown San Diego, making us a convenient option with a ton of experience.


Store Your Motorcycle at The Vault

When you have a motorcycle — or any other vehicle — that needs safe, secure, climate-controlled storage, Veloce Motors The Vault is the best San Diego vehicle storage facility. With two convenient locations and storage specialists that know how to properly care for motorcylcles, your ride will be in great hands. Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your vehicle’s storage needs.