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6 Tips for Hosting an Event Your Guests Will Never Forget

Hosting events is already stressful enough, and making them memorable even more so. If you need tips for hosting your next event, or you’re looking for San Diego event venues, read on!


Tips on How to Plan an Event for Large Parties, Corporate Get-Togethers, and Charity Events 

To make your event memorable, you’ll want to focus on making it immersive, educational, and sociable. Think of the events you haven’t enjoyed, and steer clear of those itineraries. Watching a speaker for hours on end won’t hold people’s attention. Simply put, the key to memorability is putting the fun back into hosting corporate parties or when planning a charity event.


1. Host With a Purpose 

Our first tip is to host with a purpose. When you have a clear objective, it’s easier to plan an event. Maybe it’s to raise funds for a charitable cause. Possibly to convince members of the audience to vote in favor of a company change. Even having a simpler purpose such as encouraging interdepartmental socialization is great!


2. Plan an Event Far Ahead of Time 

Making rushed decisions has never benefited anyone; give yourself plenty of time to plan an event by starting early. When you’re late to start planning, you may not have the time and therefore foresight to ensure the event decisions you’re making are in line with your event’s purpose. Not only are your decisions hurried and possibly aimless, but your options will become limited. Venues, catering, and guests need free schedules to attend or help host your event, so be sure to save dates ahead of time.

Businesswoman planning a corporate event

3. Choose the Perfect Venue

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing the wrong venue. Without the proper environment or best space for your event, how can guests truly enjoy what you’ve set up? Will you have even found the room to include all of the event features you desire? In order to pick perfect corporate event venues, decide on what you need for the event. It’s easier to find a venue that fits your needs rather than trying to make your needs fit a venue. With a full list of stations and a set itinerary, you’ll be able to find a place that offers enough space for everything.


4. Make Space for Networking

After you’ve chosen a corporate event venue that suits your needs, find a way to make space for networking. Networking makes events far more memorable, giving guests the chance to make a new friend, further their careers, or learn something new. Bar tables without stools, but with appetizers and a nearby bar, are a great way to encourage socialization. You want a space where guests don’t feel crowded even if they’re up and about.


5. Consider a Theme

With your space decided and an event schedule in mind, it’s time to pick a theme. Don’t confuse this with a purpose; themes are more superficial and focus on decor and atmosphere. Themes can be anything, ranging from “Make a Change” to “Tropical.” Think about how you’ll present this theme to guests, often in the form of decorations, music, lighting, table accents, and even take-home goodie bags.


6. Spread the Word Through Memorable Reminders 

Email invites with a signature corporate logo are boring, and won’t make people excited about your event. If you want a memorable event, you need to encourage guests to look forward to it. Building up this excitement through memorable reminders that emphasize fun is a must. Keep it professional, of course, but also tie in elements that make it feel as though you’re inviting friends. Especially in cases where you’re holding a charity event that extends outside of your office’s corporate event planning, attractive event reminders are a way to show attendees that you’re putting effort into an event — and it’ll be worth attending.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Event Venue

Where you choose to host your event is everything. If the atmosphere feels off, the entire event will struggle to feel cohesive and natural. From entrance to exit, everything about the event needs to fit its purpose. This can, in part, be affected by decorations and other thematic features, but ultimately the venue needs to be one with the right ambiance. 

guests enjoying food and drinks at a nice event venue

Virtual Event Planning

Current events have led to innovative solutions such as virtual event planning that offer socialization without hosting an in-person get-together. With everything going on, sometimes meeting virtually is the best option for professional events. Some believe that virtual events are easier to host than traditional ones, but they require just as much care and planning — if not more. 

A stricter itinerary with virtual events capable of being immersive is essential for keeping people’s attention. Group games and activities, breakout sessions, and captivating speakers are the way to go. Schedule breaks for food and using restrooms as well, even though they’ll be done at home. With set times to do those things, guests are more likely to be attentive during the important parts of your event.


Explore The Vault’s Corporate Event Venues in San Diego

Having the right event venue cannot be overemphasized, which is why The Vault offers a 30,000-square-foot space at our Miramar location available as a premier corporate event venue in San Diego. While we’re known for our car storage, our open San Diego venue for any event with 22’ ceiling and floor-to-ceiling brick offers an unbeatable atmosphere for any event planning in San Diego. Host different corporate events among exotic and classic cars, or enjoy our patio space as an intimate reception or professional board meeting. The main space even offers a reclaimed wood stage that can accommodate up to a six-piece band.


All of the amenities you could ever need for corporate event planning in the San Diego area are included in our event venue. Your attendees will stay engaged and have a ball moving between: 

  •  full-size wood-burning pizza oven
  •  20-foot granite bar and countertop with 20 bar stools with enough room for three  bartenders. 
  •  a large grill with eight-burner cooktop
  • a full kitchen with an oven, steamer, fryers, two sub-zero refrigerators, an espresso machine, and bean grinder
  • easily accessible, abundant parking and bathrooms


Get in touch with us today for event planning in San Diego, and see how The Vault’s venue can make all the difference!