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How to Evaluate Luxury Car Storage in San Diego

San Diego’s ocean-side highways and nearby mountains make it the perfect city for car enthusiasts who love to cruise in their luxury and classic vehicles

Even while delivering the most beautiful weather in the United States, San Diego’s sun can be tough on cars. It’s the sun’s rays, after all, that leach all the color from our patio furniture and bleached the American flag on the moon to bright white. Radiation is real, and it destabilizes color and material stability with reckless abandon. Prevent deterioration and a loss in value by investing in secure car storage in San Diego.  


The Surprising Advantages of Luxury Car Storage in San Diego

When exploring where to store your exotic and collectible cars, keep these key points in mind. 

Safety and Space

San Diego’s many two-car, home garages can quickly get filled up with extra items the house cannot accommodate. In a car storage space, the prime resident is your car, not boxes and bags that get piled on top of it. Investing in luxury car storage gives your car the pristine surroundings that help maintain its value. 

Premium conditions are only one advantage to car storage, however. Did you know that keeping a classic or luxury car at your home could increase your chances of burglary? Garage doors are easy to jimmy and, once in, burglars tend to take everything available. 

A premium car storage facility features ironclad security. The 24/7 monitoring and premium security systems set in place ensure that your assets are protected. Storage professionals are vetted as trustworthy professionals. They take their roles as protectors of luxury cars seriously. 

Regular Maintenance

Did you know unused cars can deteriorate as much from lack of use as robust use? 

Car experts understand well that cars run regularly mean batteries stay charged, contaminants are burned off, and exhaust gets cleared. When tires deflate due to a loss of air pressure, that weekend jaunt in the power car goes awry. Professionals at a luxury car storage facility keep tires inflated with the right air pressure. Depending on your usage, they can also provide the tire cradles and more to keep the car road-ready. 

At a luxury storage space, getting the care cleaned with a routine hand wash and wax services, keep dust and rust from becoming a problem. Most luxury storage spaces provide a cover for your car to avoid dirt particles from accumulating. Lastly, detailing services available at a storage facility protect your car with custom wraps and ceramic coatings. Preventative maintenance prevents harmful impact on a vehicle’s leather, paint, and rubber.

Before dropping off your car for a prolonged period, however, make sure to get it fully serviced first. This involves changing the oil and filter and flushing out any remaining fluids. You can also add a fuel stabilizer to fill up your tank and prevent it from oxidizing.

Work and Social Gatherings

Keeping your luxury or classic car safe just begins the advantages that come with premium car storage. 

Most San Diego luxury car spaces create social clubs for car collectors where enthusiasts can build relationships with one another in a private and intimate space. Storage facilities have indoor and outdoor areas to socialize, hold parties, and even serve as a workspace for business conference meetings. Events can include anything from dinner parties, alcohol tastings, and movies. They also keep car owners apprised of the most exciting local car enthusiast events, taking them to races, car rallies, and expos.
The luxury car storage unit also acts as something as a private car museum. Most offer tours of the other cars in the space, something welcomed by other space renters. Viewing and appreciating each car while discussing points with other luxury car owners provide great joy and comradery.  

 Extra Perks

Be on the lookout for additional benefits when it comes to choosing the best car storage space in San Diego. For instance, even if you live nearby, you will want the advantage of having door-to-door transportation provided for you. Make sure, too, to study garage owner insurance closely in case anything were to happen. Get the details on additional specialized care for cases when you are gone for more extended periods. This item is especially important for car owners splitting their time between the U.S. and other countries.

Be sure to tour the car storage venue before you make a commitment. Examine whether the unit has:

  • both technological and human-ensured security
  • climate control – look for consistent temps in the 50s and 60s and low humidity around the clock. 
  • 24/7 access
  • indoor and outdoor gathering areas ready for fun car enthusiast activities
  • planned car enthusiast events 
  • membership rules you can live with
  • amenities that make membership worthwhile

The Best Luxury Car Storage in San Diego

When it comes to protecting and taking care of your luxury car, you will want to go with a reputable company that provides generous options and has many advantages. Luxury car dealer Veloce Motors brings you The Vault — an expansive 30,000 square feet of storage and social space, insurance, same day in & out privileges, premium security, accommodations for events, and a plethora of other benefits. 

To learn more about luxury car storage in San Diego, contact the experts at The Vault at (619) 780-7300. You can also explain your situation via our online form and one of our luxury car storage professionals will connect with you promptly with specific answers.