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8 Reasons Why People Put their Vehicles in Long-Term Storage

Vintage and sports car owners, if given the chance, will drive their babies every chance they get. But alas, that’s unfortunately not the case. Whether it’s the approaching cold months or leaving for a business trip/vacation, there are many reasons why you can’t drive your luxury car.

Since luxury cars are significant investments, you want to ensure that they are stored in a safe place. In this case, it’s highly recommended that you check in your vehicles in a luxury car storage.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider long-term car storage for your luxury vehicles.



1. Protect Your Investment

The main reason you should get long-term car storage is for protection. You spent ungodly amounts of money on luxury vintage or sports cars, so it only makes sense that you protect it. Protection from what? Well, you have the sun, rain, rodents and pests, rust, vandalism, and many other hazards. It’s worry-free storage and gives you peace of mind.


2. Ample Space

Luxury car storage facilities are a different beast when compared to your standard auto storage. A luxury car storage space is like a condominium for your car. The facility provides more than enough space to let your car breathe as opposed to a storage unit that barely contains your vehicle.


3. Your Car Will Be Taken Care of

One of the best perks of luxury long-term car storage is that your vintage or sports car will be properly looked after. A good storage facility has qualified staff specializing in routine maintenance steps such as routine tire pressure checks, battery maintenance, car starting, and more.

4. Climate-Controlled Storage Units

The cold weather can really do a number on your luxury car, this is especially true with vintage models. A good luxury storage facility knows this, which is why they make sure that their storage spaces are climate-controlled. Your vehicle will be housed in the most ideal conditions possible.


5. Storage is Membership

When it comes to most high-end auto storage companies, taking in your car means automatic membership. There’s no need to pay additional fees or sign membership contracts. As a member, you have access to numerous benefits and amenities within the facility.


6. Your Car Will Be Drive-Ready

A reliable long-term car storage facility will ensure that your car is ready to drive whenever you need it. As mentioned, they routinely perform the necessary care and maintenance steps so your car is always in tip-top shape. Whenever you need your car back, all you have to do is drive it out of the garage.


7. Door-to-Door Transportation

Another huge convenience factor when you sign up for luxury car storage is door-to-door transportation. In some facilities, you don’t even need to get out of the house to retrieve your car – it will be driven right next to your doorstep.


8. Social Space

Luxury car storage facilities aren’t just for storing cars: it’s also a great space to meet collectors and enthusiasts such as yourself. Meet more like-minded professionals and talk about cars all day while enjoying complimentary beverages – sounds like a good time!



Find a Luxury Long-Term Car Storage Now

As you can see, there are many great benefits to getting long-term car storage. In most cases, it’s more than just storage. Just make sure you do your research on what to know about long-term car storage.