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4 Tips to Protect Your Car From the San Diego Sun

The weather is warming up, San Diego. Once we make it through the annual “May Gray” and “June Gloom,” we’ll be ready for summer. And as we all know, summer is the perfect time of year in San Diego, with average temperatures for July and August hovering around 77 degrees—not too hot or balmy, but…

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How to Evaluate Luxury Car Storage in San Diego

San Diego’s ocean-side highways and nearby mountains make it the perfect city for car enthusiasts who love to cruise in their luxury and classic vehicles.  Even while delivering the most beautiful weather in the United States, San Diego’s sun can be tough on cars. It’s the sun’s rays, after all, that leach all the color…

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6 Things That Make The Vault a One-of-a-kind Space for Creative Events and Meetings

A special event such as a birthday party, engagement party or wedding, or corporate event, deserves a special venue.  The first step in the planning process is securing a venue because most other details cannot be arranged until the venue has been chosen.   The type of venue will dictate many other choices for the…

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4 Occasions for Your Company to Rent an Event Space

Planning a corporate event is no joke. With all of the excitement that comes from planning a corporate event, you also need a great deal of patience and coordination. One of the easiest ways to get inspired is to choose a unique and memorable location. Your company’s conference hall would house everyone, of course, but…

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5 Must-Have Services of a Car Storage Facility

You have a refined taste in all things, including vehicles. Whether it be a customized Maserati or a vintage Benz, you prefer to travel in style. While you may be cruising in the car of your dreams, there are circumstances in which you need to store your prized automobile. If you are considering a car…

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8 Reasons Why People Put their Vehicles in Long-Term Storage

Vintage and sports car owners, if given the chance, will drive their babies every chance they get. But alas, that’s unfortunately not the case. Whether it’s the approaching cold months or leaving for a business trip/vacation, there are many reasons why you can’t drive your luxury car. Since luxury cars are significant investments, you want…

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