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Car in a storage facility is damaged by a worker and falls under the facility’s garagekeepers insurance.

Why A Garage Keepers Policy Is Important

Thousands of people choose to put their vehicles in storage long-term, during deployment, or even just seasonally to keep them safe. Car owners know that theft and burglary are potentials in their neighborhood and that keeping a car out of the elements is essential for its longevity.    Whether you own a standard car that…

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How to Get Involved in the Car Community in San Diego

Do you have a unique car? Whether you’re touring, showing, or whatever your passion is, having an eye-catching vehicle is a lot of fun. The best part about owning a classic or luxury car is getting to share it with others, whether that means taking it for a spin with a friend or cruising around…

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A row of cars parked in an indoor, long-term car storage facility.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Car in Storage Versus at Home

At one point or another, many families find that they have a car no longer being driven that sits in their driveway or elsewhere on their property.  There are many reasons why a car may not be driven much any more. A family member’s schedule may have changed, a housemate may have moved out, or…

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A car is left in a residential driveway while the owners are on vacation.

Going on Vacation? Here’s How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe While You’re Gone

Among all of the hustle and bustle of vacation preparation, many forget that we’re also leaving our cars when we leave our homes.    However, criminals take few vacations, particularly since vehicles are easy to target during peak-travel seasons. Unlike your home, your car can physically be stolen. To avoid the smashed window or empty…

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Car with headlights on in luxury car storage facility

What Kind of Security Should a Car Storage Facility Offer?

When you place your car in a storage facility, you’re entrusting your significant investment will be safe. However, theft and burglary are more common than we like to believe. When it’s time to evaluate a car storage facility, you’ll want to choose one that puts security first, so you can rest assured your vehicle is…

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Young guy stands near his motorcycle as he prepares it for motorcycle winter storage.

Where to Store Your Motorcycle in San Diego

Whether gearing up for motorcycle winter storage or simply lacking the time to hit the open road, riders often hang up their helmets for a bit and store their motorcycle in the winter. Despite year-round blue skies in San Diego, many motorcyclists take a break from December through our typically rainy February, leaving the open…

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