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The Long-Term Benefits of Putting Your Car in Storage

There are many reasons for requiring storage facilities for your vehicle. Perhaps you use public transit during the week but prefer to drive over the weekend, need to store your car in a secured location while you are on vacation, or need longer-term storage (for a year or longer) for show cars or collectibles. Or maybe you want to invest in a car to leave at a second home and the only plan drive the vehicle for a segment of the year (but want to keep it in good shape while it is not in use). Whatever the reason, investing in the best storage services for your car can pay off dramatically in the long run. Long-term storage facilities specialize in protecting and cleaning cars that are not actively being used. Below are a few benefits of investing in long-term storage services for your car:  

1. Maximum Security

Safety always comes first; whether you need car storage during the week, intermittently (e.g. over vacations), or for many years at a time, you’ll want to know that your car is housed in a highly secured location. Vehicle storage facilities specializing in long-term car care invest in premium security systems and around-the-clock monitoring. This asset will be particularly important if you own a high-end, collectible or show vehicle (although all vehicles stored at storage facilities will benefit from these security standards). The best auto storage facilities will ensure that only trusted, vetted employees have access to the cars. Many facilities offer separate, locked garages for each vehicle. 


2. Access to Routine Detailing Services

One of the principal benefits of leaving your car with storage experts is having access to the storage facility services they provide to keep your vehicle in top shape. This includes protection and wrap services (including custom wraps, ceramic coatings, and window tinting), professional detailing services for the interior and exterior (some storage companies will specialize in high-end cars), and routine hand washing (this includes a wax service). If you were to simply leave your car in a garage for a long period of time, you would risk slow degradation of vehicle parts or coating due to storage conditions, dust, and rust. By leaving your car in a facility that provides washing, detailing, and protection services, you are prolonging the life and vitality of the vehicle. 


3. Peace of Mind

When you invest in a vehicle—especially if it is a high-end model—and need to store it for any length of time, you’ll want to know that you’re leaving your car in trustworthy hands. Facilities specifically designed for cars that are stored for longer periods of time employ professionals who are trained in long-term car maintenance, which ensures that your car will receive the right kind of specialized care. These employees are also often car experts, meaning they are aware of subtle but important differences between models that can make all the difference in long-term care. This ultimately means that you can relax, knowing that your car is in good hands. One less thing to worry about!