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The Long-Term Benefits of Putting Your Car in Storage

Veloce Vault Red Car being detailed

There are many reasons for requiring storage facilities for your vehicle. Perhaps you use public transit during the week but prefer to drive over the weekend, need to store your car in a secured location while you are on vacation, or need longer-term storage (for a year or longer) for show cars or collectibles. Or…

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Everything You Should Know About Long-Term Vehicle Storage

Veloce Vault long term car storage

For many people, situations like extended international travel or deployment pose a problem when it comes to finding good storage options for their luxury cars. Whether you own a classic car and the seasons are changing to more unfavorable conditions, or your work is taking you to a place where you can’t bring your vehicle,…

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The Benefits of Keeping Your Car in Storage Versus at Home

A row of cars parked in an indoor, long-term high end car storage facility.

At one point or another, many families find that they have a car no longer being driven that sits in their driveway or elsewhere on their property.  There are many reasons why a car may not be driven much any more. A family member’s schedule may have changed, a housemate may have moved out, or…

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8 Reasons Why People Put their Vehicles in Long-Term Storage

Vintage and sports car owners, if given the chance, will drive their babies every chance they get. But alas, that’s unfortunately not the case. Whether it’s the approaching cold months or leaving for a business trip/vacation, there are many reasons why you can’t drive your luxury car. Since luxury cars are significant investments, you want…

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Is Car Storage in San Diego Worth It for Your Older Vehicle?

Frame of control wheel inside a vintage car. Car Storage in San Diego

When deciding whether to store an older car, you have a couple of options: keeping it at home or choosing a storage facility. But is it truly worth it to opt for professional storage? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using a storage facility in San Diego for your vintage or rarely…

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Can The Vault Help Sell My Car?

Whether you’re a long-time collector of classic cars or a casual hobbyist, selling your car yourself is a big undertaking.    With The Vault’s vehicle consignment program, we take the hassle out of selling your car while getting you a top price in today’s market. Through The Vault’s re-sale division, Veloce Motorsales, many of our…

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Where to Store Your Motorcycle in San Diego

Young guy stands near his motorcycle as he prepares it for motorcycle winter storage.

Whether gearing up for motorcycle winter storage or simply lacking the time to hit the open road, riders often hang up their helmets for a bit and store their motorcycle in the winter. Despite year-round blue skies in San Diego, many motorcyclists take a break from December through our typically rainy February, leaving the open…

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How to Store Your Car During Military Deployment

Leaving for deployment can affect many things, and one of them is your car. When you’re leaving your residence to serve the country, you’ll need to find a place for your vehicle. While some people leave their cars with friends or family members to be driven, others don’t have this option, and the car must…

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Do You Have to Insure a Car in Storage?

So you’re thinking of storing your car in a storage facility. You’re looking forward to working with a crew that will truly take care of your car, and all of the other benefits of long-term storage. To prepare, you’ve checked your tire pressure and engine oil, wiped down the interior, and put a protective coat…

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