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6 Things That Make The Vault a One-of-a-kind Space for Creative Events and Meetings

A special event such as a birthday party, engagement party or wedding, or corporate event, deserves a special venue.  The first step in the planning process is securing a venue because most other details cannot be arranged until the venue has been chosen.   The type of venue will dictate many other choices for the event. While The Vault is known for auto storage, it also makes for a great place to host an event.  


Corporate Event Space

There are many considerations in choosing a corporate event space.  You want your guests to be impressed with the venue but it also must accommodate all of the needs for the event.   For example, if it does not have ample space for a meeting setting, the venue will not be conducive to having a productive event.  


Venue Criteria 

The first step in choosing where to host your event is making a list of the most important characteristics that the space must have.  The following criteria are considerations when planning an event.  


1) Location:  The location of an event space is very important because if guests have a hard time finding it, they will automatically start the night off on the wrong foot. Access to the venue should be easy.  The Vault is only minutes away from the 805 and 15 freeways in the San Diego area, making it a very convenient location. Consider using a mobile app to help guests find the event.




2) Parking:  When guests have to search for parking, it can affect their view of the event.  A venue that has a parking lot makes for convenience for guests. The Vault has two large parking lots so guests can pull right in.   


3) Uniqueness:  People really remember creative events and meetings.   The Vault allows for a unique and amazing experience that guests or clients will be talking about.  The building has 22’ ceilings that make the space feel open. The main area has a brick background on two walls and a reclaimed-wood stage.  


4) Capacity: An event space must be able to hold the number of people for the event without feeling cramped.  According to, booking a venue that can accommodate the number of people you expect gives the event a lively atmosphere.  This space offers several options for events with 12-200 guests. The space can be customized depending on the number of guests and the type of event.  


5) Amenities:  When planning an event, you’ll need to find out if the venue has a kitchen or will provide planning services.  The bar area of The Vault has a full kitchen with two subzero refrigerators, a cooktop and oven, and a steamer.  The patio area also has a wood-burning pizza oven and a large grill.  



6) Layout:  Depending on the type of event, the layout should be able to accommodate all needs.   A corporate event space should have an area for lectures or meetings. The Vault has a large boardroom that seats 12 people, provides Wi-Fi, and has full AV capabilities.  It opens to a beautiful Zen-Garden area for breaks.  


The type of event you are planning will dictate the type of venue you want to choose.  The Vault offers an amazing location for both personal and corporate event space. Reach out to our coordinators today and book The Vault for your next gathering.