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How to Get Involved in the Car Community in San Diego

Do you have a unique car? Whether you’re touring, showing, or whatever your passion is, having an eye-catching vehicle is a lot of fun. The best part about owning a classic or luxury car is getting to share it with others, whether that means taking it for a spin with a friend or cruising around…

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6 Tips for Hosting an Event Your Guests Will Never Forget

Group of employees enjoy a memorable party thanks to corporate event planning at a perfect venue.

Hosting events is already stressful enough, and making them memorable even more so. If you need tips for hosting your next event, or you’re looking for San Diego event venues, read on!   Tips on How to Plan an Event for Large Parties, Corporate Get-Togethers, and Charity Events  To make your event memorable, you’ll want…

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10 Unique Event Venues in San Diego

When it comes to planning an event, finding a venue is a significant decision that should be made early. Where you host your event can set the tone for your gathering and make it memorable. Starting your venue search early can give you time to do your research and pick a unique location that meets your needs…

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7 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Event

The way we live, work, and socialize is a little different these days, to say the least. While some cities are beginning to ease up on regulations and allowing low-risk stores and businesses to open amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some experts say we still need to practice social distancing through the summer. That means thinking…

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4 Occasions for Your Company to Rent an Event Space

Planning a corporate event is no joke. With all of the excitement that comes from planning a corporate event, you also need a great deal of patience and coordination. One of the easiest ways to get inspired is to choose a unique and memorable location. Your company’s conference hall would house everyone, of course, but…

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How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event for Your Company

Veloce Vault Event speaker and audience

Putting together a memorable corporate event takes a certain attention to detail. While you want to facilitate networking and team-building opportunities, you also want to ensure your guests are having a blast. Organizing such an event may seem overwhelming at first. However, there are specific steps you can take to create an experience people will…

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