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The Vault Featured on KUSI San Diego


Brian Miller, owner of The Vault, took KUSI news reporters through the Miramar facility this month. Thanks to the report, San Diego got an inside look at The Vault’s stunning stored motors, including a “very Miami Beach” 1964 Thunderbird and a 1957 Maserati on sale for $6 million! The Vault’s Miramar location stores and maintains 90 cars – most either exotic, convertible, or vintage. When a member stores a modern or classic car, they know their motor will be cared for by highly passionate automotive experts.


The Vault handles complete collection management or can temporarily store your daily driver. In fact, The Vault has worked extensively with US Servicemembers who need to store their cars before deployment and have special deployment storage rates. 


For others, having a great car storage facility frees up their own garage space and gives them the opportunity to buy their next supercar. For such clients, the maintenance of their cars (many of which are no longer in production) is a primary factor in choosing our storage services. As KUSI pointed out, The Vault maintains cars such as a 2016 Martini Racing Edition Porsche that functions as a work of art as much as a vehicle.


The Vault is so much more than car storage. Branded “a country club for cars,” The Vault offers exclusive spaces and events to members who store their cars on site. This membership program includes access to a spacious bar and socially distant patio space, perfect for hosting parties and events. For planned and impromptu business meetings, members can collaborate in the conference room. The conference room, adapted to the new safety guidelines, can also be a great place to independently finish remote work.


The KUSI report said it best: “if you like cars, this is the place to be.” The Vault offers a unique community of people just as interested in cars as you are. Labeled as a “hidden gem,” The Vault focuses on offering the most exclusive possible experience to our members. Everything with The Vault is done on an appointment basis, providing an extra level of privacy to our valued members. Otherwise, you can join our Cars & Coffee events throughout the year.


Not mentioned in the KUSI news report was our state-of-the-art security system and Garage Keepers Insurance Policy, all designed to keep your car safe. We also have our Downtown storage location, which offers the same impeccable service and high-quality staff. 


If you’re interested in a membership and looking for car storage, please book a tour as walk-ins aren’t accepted. We hope to do more outreach in the future and highly encourage you to contact us today.