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Where Should I Sell My Car in San Diego?

So you’ve decided to sell your car. Now, where do you start? If you’re wondering where can I sell my car in San Diego? You have a lot of options. But not all options are created equal. And not all options will net you the true value of your vehicle.

Sure, you could try to sell your car by word of mouth or opt to trade it in at a dealership, but if you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to sell your car in San Diego, that will make you the money you deserve, turn to the professionals at Veloce Motorsales.

In addition to featuring various vehicles for sale, we can also help you sell your car. Read on to learn why you should consider selling your stored car, plus why Veloce Motorsales is the best place to sell a car in San Diego.

Now, this car is yours. The seller in the dealership passes the keys to the young woman on the background of the red car.3 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Stored Car

Do you currently store your car at home in a storage facility? While storing your car makes sense for some individuals, sometimes it’s more costly than it’s worth. If you’re still on the fence about storing your car, here are three reasons to consider:


Tickets and Home Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Fines

If you store your car at home, in your garage, driveway, or on the street, there are still associated costs.

Storing your car in your garage or your driveway takes up valuable space. And depending on where you may live, it may be against the law to park or store your vehicle at home. Unfortunately, law enforcement can still tow even a car parked on private property, depending on local laws or HOA rules. In some areas, failing to comply with the law can result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed, while failing to comply with HOA rules can result in fines.


Storage Fees

Storing your car at a facility has a lot of perks. For example, with a reputable car storage facility like The Vault, your vehicle is maintained regularly and safeguarded against criminal activity. But for car owners who aren’t sure if they want to keep their vehicle long-term, the cost of storing your car may not be completely worth it.


Repairs Costs

Whether you store your car at home or a facility, it’s not good for cars to sit for long periods without being turned on, driven, and maintained. Leaving a vehicle to sit for even just a few months can result in corrosion and damage. Batteries can drain quickly, pests can take up residence in your car, and the oil can go bad. Forgoing routine maintenance can lead to costly repairs.

close up classic headlight of vintage car in old garage

How To Sell Your Car in San Diego

If you’re wondering how to sell your car in San Diego or looking for the best place to sell a car in San Diego, you’re in luck.

As a car enthusiast, you may have already heard of The Vault. If not, we created the Vault for 21st-century car enthusiasts who want to store their precious vehicle(s) in a secure facility. Not only is The Vault secure, but our two-car storage locations are placed to offer maximum convenience. At the same time, our team of professionals ensures your vehicles are adequately maintained while not in use.

In addition to The Vault, we can also help you sell your vehicle in San Diego through our re-sale division, Veloce Motorsales, and our vehicle consignment program.

We are the best place to sell a car in San Diego, thanks to our vehicle consignment services, which include:

  • Taking show-room worthy photos of your vehicle and creating an in-depth listing
  • Providing your access to our company’s network and database to sell your car fast
  • Managing inquiries for you
  • Getting top dollar for your car
  • Handling all of the administrative tasks from the sale

To get started, all you have to do is contact us.


Learn More About Selling Your Car With Veloce Motorsports Today

With The Vault’s vehicle consignment program, we make selling your car in San Diego convenient while getting you a top price in today’s market. The Veloce Motorsales team handles all aspects of vehicle consignment for a small percentage of the sales price, from appraising to selling, directly from The Vault Storage facility in downtown San Diego or Miramar.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your car, Veloce Motorsales is the best place to sell a car in San Diego.