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Where Can I Store my Electric Vehicle Long-Term?

Whether you will be out of town for months at a time or are simply driving less than you used to, you may be wondering what your options are for storing your electric vehicle long-term. 


Most people who store their electric vehicle long-term go one of two routes: keeping it in an at-home garage or storing it in an auto storage facility.


Auto storage facilities are an excellent option for those who are looking to store their electric vehicle long-term. But not all auto storage facilities are created equal. What’s included in an auto storage facility may not be included in another. That’s why it’s essential to do your research ahead of time and know what to look for before choosing your electric vehicle storage


Learn more about your electric vehicle storage options below and the three services to keep in mind when selecting an auto storage company.


3 Services to Consider When Selecting an Auto Storage Facility for Your Electric Vehicle


Before selecting just any auto storage facility for your electric car, keep the following services in mind. While you might not need all of the services below, it’s important to find a facility specializing in electric vehicle storage


1. Security


In 2019, more than 721,800 vehicles were stolen in the United States. When selecting an auto storage facility, security for your electric vehicle should be top of mind. 


Be sure to research the security measures the company has in place to safeguard against theft and burglaries. A reputable auto storage facility will be secure from the moment your vehicle is picked up or dropped off, such as the use of enclosed trailers for secure indoor car storage during door-to-door transportation.


The auto storage facility should offer ample insurance and protection plans. The facility itself should have gated access, preferably with high fences with wiring at the top to discourage climbing. On-site monitoring, alarm-guarded units, and video surveillance should all be present in whatever electric vehicle storage you choose.



2. Protection


In addition to security, you will want to find an auto storage facility that can protect your vehicle from the elements. These risks include inclement weather and damage from pedestrians, tree branches, construction debris, and more. 


Some auto storage facilities don’t have indoor options, meaning your car will be sitting on an outdoor lot long-term. Looking for an auto storage facility with indoor options is particularly important for electric vehicles since they have EV batteries with a sensitive thermal 

management system.


EV batteries can drain quickly when exposed to extreme temperatures, shortening the battery’s overall lifespan and leaving you to foot the bill for a new one. Auto storage facilities with indoor options are typically climate-controlled, so your battery’s thermal management system won’t be compromised. 


3. Maintenance


All vehicles need to be adequately maintained regularly, even if they are in storage. Maintenance is essential for electric cars, which require specific care that other vehicles don’t, particularly when it comes to the EV battery. 


To prolong the life of your EV battery, you should:


  • Avoid leaving your battery at 100%. We recommended minimizing the amount of time your EV battery is plugged in and avoid keeping it fully charged. Instead, the ideal charge is between 20% and 80%. If you were to leave your electric vehicle in your garage, plugged in, long-term, it can strain the battery’s thermal management system. 
  • Avoid leaving your battery at 0%. On the contrary, we do not recommend letting your EV battery drain entirely either. Leaving your electric vehicle unplugged for an extended period can result in self-discharging to zero, where it can stay for a prolonged time.
  • Avoid rapid charging: Rapid charging, such as charging quickly between meetings or on a long drive, can be convenient but isn’t conducive to prolonging your EV battery’s life.
  • Avoid discharging too quickly: Similarly, you should avoid discharging your EV battery too quickly, which can shorten its lifespan.


That’s why one of the most important factors to consider when researching electric vehicle storage options is that the facility has an EV charging station and understands how these batteries work. 


A reputable auto storage facility will not only have EV charging stations but will provide the high-quality maintenance needed to keep your car (battery and all) in top shape.


Store Your Electric Vehicle at The Vault


If you’re looking for electric vehicle storage in San Diego, The Vault is your solution. We offer luxury car storage and can store your electric vehicle for any duration of time. 


Our auto storage facility offers industry-leading services, including security, in and out services, in-house detailing and maintenance, door-to-door transport, and more. We can even help you sell your car when the time comes. 


With two convenient locations in downtown and Miramar and storage specialists that know how to care for electric vehicles properly, your car will be in great hands. Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your electric vehicle storage needs.