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Why A Garage Keepers Policy Is Important

Thousands of people choose to put their vehicles in storage long-term, during deployment, or even just seasonally to keep them safe. Car owners know that theft and burglary are potentials in their neighborhood and that keeping a car out of the elements is essential for its longevity.


 Whether you own a standard car that is going undriven or a luxury or classic car that needs protection, the last thing you want is to damage your vehicle. That’s why storage is such a great option! 


With that said, some car owners worry that damage could happen in a storage facility as well. Luckily, there’s no need to worry. Despite natural disasters or even potential accidents, your car is safe in storage when stored in a facility with a garage keepers policy. Let’s learn more.

What Type of Damage Can Cars Receive?

Damage presents itself in many ways, and your car can be at risk for quite a few things. The good news is, most of these forms of damage are rare for car storage facilities. 


While theft and burglary are possible anywhere, car storage facilities have top-of-the-line security and monitoring systems to protect your vehicle. There are instances where fires can occur, but the odds are low. The high level of monitoring means fires likely won’t affect your vehicle (if even affect the facility at all!) due to the quick emergency services response rate. 


Natural disasters are unpredictable and may come with a host of issues, such as building damage, but the structural integrity of storage facilities makes them stronger than your garage — and certainly more so than your driveway! Lastly, cars may be damaged during movement or transfer due to a mistake or accident. Still, storage facilities always offer the best training to their employees and protective insurance in accidents.

What Does Garage Keepers Policy Cover?

Nearly every car storage facility holds insurance policies to protect stored vehicles. These versions of protection are called a garage keepers policy. So what does the garage keepers policy cover? Storage facility insurance policies cover liability for things like theft and damage. 


When disaster strikes, they take complete control of restoring your property physically and financially. Of course, many car owners err on the side of caution, and insuring your car in storage is still recommended. Rare instances may occur where damage may need additional financial aid from your insurance. However, your insurance will only need to be involved when a facility has taken every measure possible to prevent property harm. 

The legalities of responsibility for car damage can be found in your car insurance policy and the documentation signed with the car storage facility and their garage keepers insurance policy. As with any other policy, be sure to stay informed and know what coverage you have personally and through the facility!

Car in a storage facility is damaged by a worker and falls under the facility’s garagekeepers insurance.

Car Storage Insurance

Car storage insurance is a more colloquial term and refers to the minimal coverage needed for cars in storage. You can usually minimize insurance because you aren’t driving the vehicle, which significantly reduces the risk of damage. 

Moreover, the coverage provided by a facility helps! Your typical comprehensive coverage plan is usually the best solution for cars in storage. It may also be called parked car insurance. Just make sure that when you’re ready to take it on the road again, you call your insurance and add coverage back!

What Are Car Storage Facilities Responsible For?

Owners of car storage facilities are responsible for the well-being of your property and oversee its safety for whatever time your car spends at the facility. There are some fundamental responsibilities that storage facilities generally abide by, such as providing fencing, lighting, gated access, and video surveillance. These are measures that safeguard customers’ belongings and show that facilities are doing their due diligence to protect them. When damage occurs within the car storage facility’s responsibilities, the facility would be held liable — hence the need for garage keepers insurance.

How Vehicle Owners Should Expect Damage to Be Handled

If damage does occur, you can rest assured that the car storage facility will handle it promptly and professionally. The facility will likely contact you if an incident occurs. Usually, a full write-up from the facility about what happened and assessing the damages will be provided for your documentation purposes. When facilities have garage keepers coverage, your car is insured and covered for any damage caused while attending, servicing, preparing, parking, or storing your vehicle.

Store Your Vehicle With The Vault’s Garage Keepers Insurance

The Vault offers secure and diligent car storage for any car type. Our two locations in Miramar and Downtown San Diego have state-of-the-art security measures and clean facilities offered at competitive rates. Our protection goes beyond that which is typical of storage providers. Our staff takes the time to get to know each car owner personally, ensuring that your vehicle stays in pristine condition during its time at The Vault. 

Our amenities include 30,000+ square feet of storage and social space, car and battery maintenance, in and out access to your car, and door-to-door transport. Moreover, we offer garage keepers insurance policies on your vehicle to ensure the highest level of protection! Get in touch with Veloce Motor’s The Vault today for car storage and beyond, and have the peace of mind that, no matter what, your car is safe here.