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Why Collectors Need a Car Collection Management Service in San Diego

Berlin, Germany - December, 2019: The Classic Remise Berlin, a center for vintage cars. Maintenance, repair shop

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your collection of cars that you’ve invested your time and money in. But as a car collector, you know how much effort goes into car collection management.    Not only does managing your car collection mean you need to have ample space to store your vehicles,…

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What Kind of Events Can I Host At The Vault?

luxury life concept. champagne and wine glasses in hands at luxury wedding reception at restaurant. guests toasting and cheering at stylish celebration.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you may already be familiar with The Vault. Perhaps you even store your car with us at one of our San Diego locations. But did you know that we also have a 30,000 square foot event venue?    Located in Miramar, just a short drive north of our downtown San…

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Why A Garage Keepers Policy Is Important

Car in a storage facility is damaged by a worker and falls under the facility’s garagekeepers insurance.

Thousands of people choose to put their vehicles in storage long-term, during deployment, or even just seasonally to keep them safe. Car owners know that theft and burglary are potentials in their neighborhood and that keeping a car out of the elements is essential for its longevity.    Whether you own a standard car that…

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Does Your Luxury Car Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Whether you’ve had your luxury car for many years or it’s a new purchase, you probably know the importance of regular maintenance. After all, a luxury vehicle is a big investment. You’ll want to take good care of it so you can continue showing it off (or just enjoying it for yourself) for many years…

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6 Tips For Maintaining Your Classic Car

Classic car lovers, listen up! Whether you purchased your car in mint condition, or have slowly but surely been working it back to a beautiful state, your vintage charmer will need ongoing maintenance to preserve its glamor.  But that’s just part of the joy of ownership, right? Keep reading as we go through some of…

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