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Is It Worth It To Store an Older Car?

There are lots of reasons why you may be considering storing an old car. Perhaps you don’t drive it as much as you used to because your schedule has changed or you purchased a new daily driver. In any case, you have options when it comes to storing an old car

Sure, you can keep your car at home, or you can keep it at a storage facility. But is it worth it? This blog breaks down the benefits of storing an old car in a storage facility versus keeping it at home. Plus, we cover alternatives to storage that you may not have considered. Let’s dive In.

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The Benefits of Storing an Older Car

Is storing an old car worth it? Put simply, yes. There are lots of benefits to keeping an old car at a storage facility. Let’s break down some of the biggest.



storing an old car in your garage or driveway doesn’t offer the protection that a car storage facility can. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, there are thousands of stolen cars reported every year. But choosing a reputable car storage facility with 24-hour security will protect your car from break-ins, burglary, and Theft. Plus, car storage facilities typically offer parked car insurance to protect your vehicle further.


Routine  Maintenance

Maintaining an old car isn’t easy, and if you store your vehicle at your home, you need to make sure you’re still supporting it monthly. Even if vehicles sit for just a few weeks without being turned on, it can impact the car’s performance and longevity. Without routine maintenance, your vehicle can suffer from a dead battery, old oil, corrosion, and more. This can lead to costly repairs when you need to drive your car next or decide to sell it.

When you store your car at a reputable car storage facility, the company will provide routine maintenance to ensure your vehicle keeps running as it should



Put simply, storing an old car at a storage facility saves you space. Without having an unused car in your garage or driveway, you’ll have more room to start a project you’ve always wanted to tackle or store other essential items. 



One of the most significant long-term storage benefits is the money it can save you. Storing an old car at home still requires insurance coverage, and investing in this type of insurance can be very expensive. On the flip side, a vehicle stored in a storage facility may not need many insurance forms and falls under the facility’s garage keepers insurance.

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Alternatives to Storing Your Older Car

There are many alternatives to storing an old car at a car storage facility,  such as selling it. You may not have considered selling your car due to the hassle of photographing it and creating a listing and all of the work that comes with trying to find a buyer. But if car storage rates make you cringe, selling your vehicle is a great option.

Luckily, if you’re considering selling an older car, we can help. With The Vault’s vehicle consignment program, we can sell your car for you while ensuring you get a great price in today’s market. Veloce Motorsales, many of our car storage clients, have chosen to consign their cars with us through our re-sale division. 

When you sell your car with us, you’ll benefit from our vehicle consignment services, which include: 

  • Taking show-room worthy photos of your vehicle and creating an in-depth listing
  • Providing your access to our company’s network and database to sell your car fast
  • Managing inquiries for you
  • Getting top dollar for your car
  • Handling all of the administrative tasks from the sale


Learn More About Storing or Selling Your Older Car

Whether you’ve been considering storing or selling your older car, the Vault can help. The Vault offers the best vehicle storage and consignment services in San Diego and can keep your vehicle in one of our two immaculate car storage facilities downtown or Miramar. And if you decide it’s time to sell your older car, we can handle all aspects of selling your vehicle while getting you the price you want. 

Contact us today to learn more.