Storage is Membership

There’s no additional fee or membership contract. When you have your car at The Vault – Miramar (V3) you are a member with some pretty cool benefits. V3 specializes in Exotic, Collectable and Classic car storage but we also love to see the unusual, rare and cars with a great story. We’re less about value and more interested in your relationship with your car. That’s what creates the great car culture at V3…

But taking care of your car is our primary responsibility…
and we’re pretty good at it.

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The Work Part

Storage is first and foremost of what we do.
We take pride in knowing the personality of each car (and it owner) and making sure your car gets the attention it needs while at The Vault.
  • 30,000 sq ft of storage and social space
  • Battery maintenance
  • Tire Pressure checks
  • Car starting and exercising
  • Same day in & out privileges
  • State of the art security
  • Door to door transportation
  • Garage Keepers Insurance for each car
  • Every car washed when it arrives back to the Vault
  • No time contracts – Month to Month
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The Fun Part

Each of our storage members has full access to use V3’s many amenities anytime. The Vault-Miramar has become an incredible space for professionals to take advantage of the many workspace options offered or a get-away from that and just talk cars. The “membership” side is all about creating a car culture by getting our members together as often as possible to for events, dinners and drives. It’s these experiences that create the membership, the relationships and HUGE value in your time with us.
  • Member Events, Dinners, Sport Events and Car Rally’s
  • Access to a fully equipped, private office
  • An executive conference room
  • Complimentary beverage service
  • 50% off space fee for your own events on property
  • Accompanied guest access
  • Locker Room
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Vehicles and Pricing

The Vault offers storage for several types of vehicles.

Custom & Specialty

Classic, collectible, luxury, exotic cars

2 Wheels

Motorcyles and Scooters

Race Trailers

SUV’s, Trucks and Vans

Pricing depends on the specific vehicle, what type of access needed and the length of time in storage. We offer storage on a month to month basis. There are no long-term storage contracts and the vehicle can stay in storage as long (or short) as needed.
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