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What Makes The Vault the Best San Diego Auto Storage Facility and Event Venue

If you want to wow your guests or clients, a typical business dinner or happy hour get-together just isn’t going to cut it anymore. A perfect and successful corporate event has the potential to make a long-lasting impression that each client will always associate with the company. The more unique the venue, the better! So why not choose a venue that already has so much to offer before you even step foot inside? Like exotic cars, for example. Yes, you read that right. A popular San Diego auto storage facility might be the perfect venue for your next corporate event.

The Vault is much more than a car storage facility and much more than an event venue. Its primary purpose is long-term exotic car storage, but it’s also equipped with a completely separate space for corporate events and meetings, making for a fun, exciting alternative to the many tired event options we know all too well.


1. A Main Bar Area is Versatile and Accessible.

This bar area allows guests to utilize their own food vendors, or to choose among the menu that The Vault has to offer. A full kitchen is available, creating the ideal environment for any food vendor.


2. A Conference Room Allows for Both Business and Fun.

A professional, large conference room is available for all of your business needs. Maximizing both business and fun is possible—and encouraged!


3. Outdoor Accompaniments are Nothing Short of Accommodating.

Want to move the meeting (or party) outside? Done. With outdoor areas that include sitting space and cooktops, you can conveniently move any activity outdoors (aside from the cars, of course). With a pizza oven and grill as well, it’s difficult to feel limited by the space!


4. And Don’t Forget About the Cars!

The Vault is just that—a vault. Any exotic car owner can feel comfortable knowing their vehicles are in good hands and will be respected like the pieces of art that they are. Anyone using the event venue may just get the chance to see some cars up close and personal. The level of professional auto storage at The Vault stands out among other San Diego options.


5. A Full Green Screen

Need to film anything or looking to experiment with some photography? The Vault’s unique full green screen provides an opportunity for a photo or video production. It’s just another ingredient that helps provide an exciting experience for corporate clients and guests.



Looking for Somewhere to Host Your Next Big Event?

Whether you’re looking for a top-tier event venue or the best car storage in San Diego, The Vault has what you need.