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The Vault offers several different vehicle storage services to help make your car storage easy and help protect the value of your investment. Some of these additional services are offered at the VIP level or may be added and utilized individually for an additional fee.

High Security

The Vault has employed a top name in commercial security to help protect the Vault and your vehicles. A brand new state-of-the-art security system, including 10+ digital video cameras at both facilities, helps ensure The Vault is locked down so your valuable safe & secure.

Trailer Service

You may also choose to have The Vault pick up or drop off your car at your home or office. The Vault has a fully enclosed 24ft trailer that will make transporting your classic or exotic car back and forth from The Vault safe and convenient. Call us to learn more or to schedule a pick up of your vehicle. Restrictions apply. Our goal is to make your vehicle storage as convenient as possible.

Car Detailing

The Vaults vehicle storage detail department is second to none. Regardless the type of car you have your car will be treated to the best products available on the market today and come out looking as new. To help suit your needs, there is a range of detail services available from a full competition winning perfect shine to a basic wash.


The Vault Auto Care Services  Contact Us

Vault clients can rest assured that their vehicles are being cared for and maintained by professional car people who understand  your vehicle storage needs.

Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance may be the most critical detail when considering car storage. The Vault is equipped with battery maintainers and trickle charges to services those cars with advanced electronics. In some cases car batteries can be removed to help prevent any corrosion.

Tire Pressure

Your vehicle will receive regular tire checks to ensure that tire pressure stays in optimum range. This is important to  guarantee your tires last to their maximum potential while your vehicle is in storage at The Vault.

Car Starting

The staff at Veloce Vault can help maintain the life of your engine, fuel lines, seals and gaskets by starting the car at regular intervals. This process entails starting and warming up your car to it normal operating temperature. This will help keep your engines components running, seals and gaskets wet and the fluids from becoming stale.