Short Term or Long Term Car Storage FAQ’s

Common Questions From Our Clients about Long Term Car Storage

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    Yes, The Vault’s 13,000 sq ft of car storage has only 3 access points that have been reinforced for extra security. We also employ a leading San Diego security company to monitor the building with sensors, motion detectors and 10 video cameras. This building is truly locked down like a vault. So if you are looking for month to month or long term car storage The Vault is truly the place for your car.

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    Sure, The Vault car storage offers in & out access to your car. You can also choose to use our convenient shuttle service to pick you up and we can have you car cleaned and ready for you on arrival. These services are included in the RED option and can also be used at an additional fee as an ala cart option on all long term storage contracts.

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    The Vault offers long term car storage and month-to-month car storage options. You can store your car at The Vault for 1 month or 10 years. Our month-to-month contract offers the most flexibility with a 30 day cancelation notice with no with 1 year contract offers a better overall monthly rate.

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    Yes, you must maintain the comprehensive portion of your policy while stored at the Vault. Some insurance companies offer a reduced rate policy for cars that are not being driven. We have preferred insurance brokers that would be happy to answer any of your specific long term car storage questions.

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    It depends on how long you expect to store your car.  The Vaults staff can advise you on the proper steps to prepare your car for long term car storage so that your car will come out in its best possible condition. Here are a few tips and things to consider before storing your car.

    1. Tire are properly inflated

    2. Fresh oil change and top off fluid levels

    3. Clean and wax the car

    4. Fill the gas tank

    5. Disconnect the battery (of use the trickle charger)

    Taking these simple steps and regular maintenance at the Vault will ensure your car will be as good driving out as it was driving in.

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    Veloce Motors – The Vault has a re-sale division.  Many of The Vaults car storage clients have chosen to consign their cars with us to sell. For a small percentage of the sales price Veloce Motors will market and sell your vehicle directly from the Vault Storage facility.

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    Yes, you must maintain your car registration and show proof that you are the current owner of the car before storing it at The Vault.

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More Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions or come by The Vault for a quick tour. We are happy to spend some time showing you the benefits and advantages that The Vault offers our clients.


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