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Vault-Door_forFBThe owners of Veloce Motors – The Vault are car enthusiasts and also own and operate Veloce Motors car sales as a complimentary side of the business to the Vault vehicle storage. The Idea for the The Vault Auto Storage came about as a necessity to find a proper place for vehicle self storage that also had some character, class and a great service. It didn’t take long to identify where we would want to locate such a vehicle self storage business after we discovered the rejuvenation and transformation that is happening in the Barrio Logan area. The location turns out to be a perfect place for a car storage facilities in San Diego. Our proximity to Downtown and the Coronado Bridge as well as the 5 and 15 freeways makes us easy to get to and minutes from almost anywhere in San Diego. If you’re considering storing your car you should come by and check out The Vault. We believe you will be be impressed with our service and and professionalism as well as the cool amenities we offer.

Thank you for considering The Vault.

The Vault 2 - clean, secure and plenty of space.

The Vault 2 – clean, secure and plenty of space


Justin Glad  – Owner

A native of San Diego,  Justin brings his vast business experience to this new car storage venture and heads up operations for Veloce Motors – The Vault.  His roots run deep in the San Diego business community and The Vault is fortunate that he is able to brings his knowledge and operational expertise to the company. Our vehicle storage concept  grew out of his vast understanding and year of experience in the self storage business and interest in cars.         Reach Justin directly at Justin@veloce-motors.com

Brian Miller  – Owner

With an ever-growing passion for cars and a lifetime in sales and marketing the next obvious move was to meld the two into a business. Brian’s successful 20+ years developing new businesses with a focus on customer service fits well into Veloce Motors ownership group and this new car storage concept. Brian’s roots are now deeply tied to the car scene in San Diego with this new vehicle self storage and luxury car sales business.  Reach Brian directly at Brian@veloce-motors.com




The Vaults newest location - very secure

The Vaults newest location – Vault 2  – very secure and convenient


The Vault auto storage is the best place in San Diego for indoor vehicle storage

The Vault Auto Storage office – located at 2102 Main Street in San Diego – showing new paint, lettering and logos.